B2B Demand Growth Platform

Demand Integrate platform helps to grow Local and International Demand for your products and services across all Industry verticals with improved ROI.



  • Demand Growth with the best ROI.
  • Reach to local and global audience.
  • Visibility of campaign status.
  • Integration to your CRM and MA.
  • Insights and Analytics.


  • Only Highest Quality Leads with 2-fold QA Accepted.
  • Bidding/RFP creation and allocation.
  • Campaign creation and allocation control.
  • Improved operational efficiency.
  • Dashboard for Delivery and Operations.


  • Helps in global compliances.
  • Standardized and Simplified processes.
  • Campaign Bidding and Acceptance flexibility.
  • Improved operational efficiency.
  • Dashboard for Delivery and Operations.

2 Fold QA – Technology + Human

  • Technology Intelligence for real time verification against specs.
  • Human Intelligence for guaranteed quality: Faster - close to Realtime.


  • Easily Integrate with your Marketing and Sales Automation Platforms
  • Configurable Features to Customize your Current and Future Requirements

DI Platform

Campaign lifecycle management

From bidding to invoicing, DI makes the process smart and convenient for advertisers, agencies and publishers by bringing them on one platform.

Get a detailed view of campaigns to monitor, analyse and report in real-time.

Review and Approval workflows

Get creative approvals on go.

Review each lead against pre-set criteria with automated pixel to pixel scan, assure 2X lead quality by tech plus human checks.

Review and Approval workflows

Lead Delivery with Quality Assurance

With two-level high-quality check, DI allows you to access the highest qualified lead within close to real-time.

Our clean code, look after the automated quality checks while we give the human touch to the final inspection.



  • Cloud Hosting
  • Auto Data Backup
  • Cloud security
  • Secure URL


  • Delivery Dashboard
  • Auto Lead QA
  • Update Existing Leads
  • Lead Encryption


  • Bidding/RFP
  • Creatives
  • Lead
  • Invoice


  • Email Notification
  • Messaging Service
  • Alert Service


  • Multiple Roles
  • Password Protected
  • Password Encryption


  • Auto Invoice Gen
  • Manual Invoice Gen
  • Invoice Correction


  • CRM Integration
  • MA Integration


  • On-boarding
  • Linking Partners

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Our Story

The situation – B2B Demand Generation Community

Every advertiser, agency and publisher want to focus more and more on improving ROI for every marketing program.

Since 2014 we also have exposure to various tools, platforms that we use, as we work with many agencies and publishers to generate B2B local and international demand. There are few partners who are still using spreadsheets and emails for communicating and managing the entire campaign lifecycle from specs to lead delivery.

There are various campaign specification criteria, various types and formats of ABM lists (TAL); Exclusion lists; Suppression lists, various asset types and formats. On top of it, there are changes to those that need to be communicated to all partners and as quickly as possible. Let me stop here, else it will go on and on. I hope you will agree with me about the situation in our community.

The initiative and Solution – Grow Demand and Improve Operational Efficiency

In 2018 we took an initiative and decided to invest in developing a platform that will help agencies and publishers to grow the demand with the best quality leads and improved operational efficiency. This will ultimately result in improved ROI for advertisers, agencies & publishers’ community, our community.

The Demand Integrate platform started taking shape sprint after sprint in our technology lab in India. We believe in agile methodology that allows us to quickly develop and start using and keep improving the small features and functionalities.